Vegan Steak

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" I am speechless how good these are if you love seafood you have to try this vegan calamari made with hearts of palm" 


"General Tso Cauliflower is one of the best recipes I'ves ever tried. Head over to @veggierose to check out her YouTube channel where you can find this recipe, try it because it is truly amazing!!"


"Woah, this good! I find it super helpful to find replacements that you actually enjoy when cravings hit. I'm missing cheese big time right now & this really did the trick. Dairy-free mushroom alfredo, recipe by @veggierose" -wildfood.wellness

"Vegan Seitan Steaks for dinner tonight. These steaks turned out so flavorful, and the texture is so good (no chewy Seitan here) If you wanna treat yourself to a lil something special, head over to @veggierose to find the recipe for these bad boys." -Katgoesveg

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