26 Vegan Christmas Recipes

26 vegan christmas recipes that are easy to make and delicious to have! MAke food memories today, with these awesome recipes!

Christmas is such a special time for creating new memories with loved ones and food is one of the best ways to gather together and make those happen. This post is filled with 26 delicious vegan christmas recipes.

1. Stuffed Butternut Squash

Delicious stuffed butternut squash, that is perfect for any day but especially perfect for the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Easter.

2. Vegan Buttery Biscuits

Buttery biscuits are perfect for any time of year and these vegan buttery biscuits are super easy to make and very delicious! You will love the ease of making these, as well as the taste.

3. Cran-Blood Orange Whiskey Sour

The perfect balance of sweetness and sour! This Cran-Blood Orange Whiskey Sour recipe is a holiday twist on the traditional.

4. Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

Creamy vegan sweet potato casserole, with pecan streusel and marshmallow topping! Perfect for Thanksgiving but work great all year round.

5. Thanksgiving Vegan Shepards Pie

Savory, easy, delicious goodness! This recipe is a whole meal in one and is perfect for Thanksgiving and the whole holiday season!

6. Cranberry Orange Holiday Punch

Whether hosting a holiday gathering, or simply enjoying a few drinks yourself. This Cranberry orange punch is perfect!

7. Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Vegan skillet chocolate chip cookie

This vegan Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie is chewy, crunchy and just the perfect treat for any day. Regular size is fine, but bigger is better.

8. Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies

Easy vegan Christmas sugar cookies with that traditional, buttery goodness we all know and love! Perfect for decorating and holiday fun.

9. Vegan Old Fashion Donuts

Flaky, sweet, nostalgia is what you get in every single bite of these yummy little donut treats.

10. Easy Blueberry Pancakes

Easy Blueberry Pancakes

Fluffy easy tasty little clouds. That’s what these easy vegan blueberry pancakes are! Your place will smell amazing while cooking these!

11. Maple Spiced Donuts

Maple spiced donuts

Christmas in a every bite! You get nutmeg, cinnamon, and all spice bursting from these maple spiced donuts.

12. Vegan Crab Dip

This vegan crab dip is creamy, bold, and fantastic. It really taste like crab dip and you will love it.

Phenomenal spicy vegan Mac and cheese balls goodness! These are soft and cheesy on the inside and crunchy and crispy on the outside.

First off, this is a typical Puerto Rican dessert also known as, tembleque. Which quite literally translates to “shaky”. Perfect name because it is shaky like jello.

This vegan caramel popcorn is so delicious and tasty just like that box caramel popcorn we have all loved. You know what I’m talking about!

Festive and colorful! Delicious cookies rolled in powdered sugar. Perfect for Christmas and perfect to make with little ones.

Vegan tamales

These vegan tamales are so flavorful and delicious! WOW, they have every authentic flavor you can expect in tamales.

This vegan chocolate pecan cake is a game changer. You never had delicious vegan chocolate cake until you have this cake here.

Vegan holiday roast that is not made from plant based meat alternatives. This delicious vegan holiday roast is made from cauliflower.

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ stuffed mushrooms? This vegan stuffed mushrooms recipe is out of this world. Savory, bold, and full of flavor!

Easy vegan gravy that’s, super rich, savory, and flavorful! Everyone will love it and no one will know it’s vegan! Ready in 10 minutes.

This vegan French toast is so quick And easy to make! It’s delicious and the breakfast breakfast or brunch dish. Just 2 main ingredient!

These cranberry cider mimosas are so refreshing and perfect for a light fall drink. You can swap out the hard cider for any non alcoholic one.

Classic pie crust recipe that can be used for many different pie crust. Baked pies and no cook pies like strawberry pie or key lime pie!

25. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

vegan gingerbread cookies

Classic vegan gingerbread cookies recipe that you can use a few different ways. This is such a fun and delicious recipe, you will love it!

Delicious easy vegan pancakes, that you can be customized with blueberries, chocolate chips or anything you would like to add to spruce it up