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who is veggie Rose?

Hey I'm Rose!

I'm a Philadelphia girl living in Miami, with a passion for animals and cooking but even more than cooking, a passion for eating delicious food.

Veggie Rose

Breaking the vegan stereotype

My goal is to spread the vegan movement and make it known that vegan/plant based food can in fact be delicious and comforting. I truly believe that showcasing and sharing delicious plant based food is the way to get people curious and open to try new things! 

On the Veggie Rose blog you’ll discover hundreds of easy delicious comfort foods with simple ingredients that are readily available. I also share cooking videos on my Youtube channel every week, so  you might want to subscribe to my Youtube channel too.

why plant based?

There are multiple different reasons why one might go plant based. Ethical beliefs, health, and environmental just to name the most the most known reasons. 

It was health reason for me at first, when I became vegetarian and soon after went plant based for ethical reason. That being said I'm not a "judgy vegan" in fact my household is a mixed of vegan, vegetarians, and a meat eater. 

curious about going plant based?

My biggest piece of advice to someone who is considering transitioning to a plant based/vegan lifestyle is to find plant based replacements for your favorite food. In that case your in the right place, because I got you covered with all the classic comfort foods. 


My second piece of advice is to go at your own pace. Don't be rushed by others. You with thrive if you take the time you need to adjust if needed.

what is veggie fam?

The term Veggie Fam or #veggiefam came from my love of the Veggie Rose community. More then a community, I believe that what we have all created together is a family. I have made real friends with my Youtube subscribers and some even have my personal phone number. The best audience doesn't come from strangers, it comes from family and that's why the Veggie Rose community is known as Veggie Fam!

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Rose Alvarez 

chef - mother - wife

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