Hi and welcome to Veggie Rose!

I’m Rose and the author and recipe developer of Veggie Rose. I started sharing my recipes on YouTube, when I first became vegan as a way of helping others find yummy things to enjoy along their journey.

I’m originally a Philly girl (PA), but I moved to Miami, in 2019 with my husband Chris, son and daughter Jayden, and Mia. FYI: The kids are vegetarian by choices and hubby is just a regular meat eater. We also added a little fluffy family addition, named Indie to the family and she is a little Shih Tzu. She is the office Blanket and loves to sit on my lap while I write.

Recipe Development

Lots of testing and time is spent on creating each Veggie Rose recipe. There are three main things that come into play when deciding if a recipe is good enough to go on the site.

1. Is it absolutely delicious?

Each recipe that I have posted I have posted because, I can eat it all on my own and would hide away from everyone just to be able to eat it all on my own. Of course, I love to share though so I wouldn’t do that, but you get what I mean!

2. The non-vegan approval

Each recipe is run by at least one non-vegan. If the non-vegan doesn’t approve of the recipe, it’s back to the drawing board. Or I should say “Back to the cutting board!”. 😅 I make plant based recipes for everyone, not just vegans. Which is why I run recipes by my non-vegan husband and or my non-vegan friends and neighbors.

3. Is is reasonable?

I like to make recipes that are fairly easy and quick to make. Of course there are some recipes that can be time consuming, but I will never make a recipe take longer then it really needs to. To the point and to the table! Also, along with that comes affordability, most of the recipes on Veggie Rose are affordable and you can easily find the ingredients in most big supermarkets.

How I come up with recipes

I come up with recipes by using seasonal produce and whatever inspires me at the moment. It can literally be anything! A lot of times inspiration comes to me in the middle of the night while I sleep. I then get up and jot it down on my Ipad which I keep on my night stand for that very reason.

From inspiration, I will write up a draft recipe of what I think will work and most of the time I end up tweaking it a lot from there and sometimes the stars align just right and a recipe comes out perfect, the first try from the draft recipe.

How Veggie Rose started

Going vegan for me meant, learning how to cook all over again because I am a food rebel and don’t like to follow recipes. Not even my own!😅 I know I have readers who follow the recipes by the letter and others who use it just for inspiration and that is what cooking is about.

I decided to go vegan in April 2016, and at that time there weren’t to many plant based options, in supermarkets or restaurants. I had no idea what I was doing because, I had lots of cooking experience before but all plant based cooking was a whole different ball game, in a whole different playing field.

Everything I knew had some sort of animal product in it, and I wasn’t using that anymore. I was a stay at home mom at the time, so I started spending lot of more time in the kitchen. Using all my prior cooking knowledge to come up with different ways to make my favorite dishes. Once I made a few tasty dishes that I was really proud of I decided to start sharing on YouTube. I knew that I wasn’t the only one who needed good comfort plant based recipes.

The feedback that started pouring in was lovely and I knew I was doing something good. I was enjoying my passion and helping others at the same time.

Why I went vegan

I went vegetarian on April 1st, 2016 because of healthy reasons. I was having very bad migraines, stomach issues, and my heart rhythm condition (heart arrhythmia) was very out of wack. Once I went vegetarian, I started doing my research about how others felt on a vegetarian diet and I came across a lot of videos about veganism.

People were raving about how going veganism had resolved or helped with a lot of health conditions and I was intrigued, but I was one of those people who would say, “I could never give up cheese!”. I was clearly wrong! I came across the documentary called Earthlings and I immediately decided to go vegan, because of the animals.

Non Judgey Zone

There are some vegans who can be a bit judgey and turn some people off from even trying plant based food. I try not to judgey anyone for what they choose to eat. In the beginning of my journey I was a bit judgey and angry but I quickly settled back into my normal train of thought and realized that you can’t judge anyone into making a lifestyle change. Which is why I decided to help people change their minds about plant based food, by sharing delicious plant based recipes and changing the “vegan food is rabbit food”, stereotype. Let me tell you that works way better.

I personally don’t have any vegan friends, but all of my non-vegan friends view vegan food differently now, and are willing to make it and eat it. Wether you are full vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, (like my mixed diet family) I see you the same and I am just glad to have you here, exploring the possibilities of eating plant based.

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