This vegan Korean beef recipe is deliciously easy and better then take out! This dish will be a favorite and you can even use it as meal prep.

This Miso Spinach Pesto Ramen recipe only calls for a handful of ingredients and can be whipped up in just 10 minutes. Talk about fast food!

Buttery biscuits are perfect for any time of year and these vegan buttery biscuits are super easy to make and very delicious! You will love the ease of making these, as well as the taste.

Creamy, garlicky, healthy and delicious! This black bean dip is the perfect dip for any gathering, to serve along with tortilla chips.

Sweet, sour, and savory kung pao tofu! This tasty dish is the perfect alternative to take out. Plus you know everything that goes into it!

Incredibly, creamy and so hard to resist. Then again why would you even try to resist and dish this delicious vegan chicken alfredo?

Creamy, savory, and loaded with umami flavor! This mushroom alfredo pasta will be a huge hit in your home. It's perfect for weeknight dinners.

Who doesn't love a nostalgic sloppy joe? Plus a bunch of cheese to the mix. Interested yet? These cheesy Vegan Sloopy Joes are fantastic!

Just like take out but made at home, with all the ingredients of your choice. This garlic sauce vegetable ramen is delicious and easy to make!

Savory, bold, and comforting! This classic vegan Salisbury steak dish is perfect for a quick weeknight meal.

Easy to make, versatile, and delicious! These are done in under 30 minute and are perfect for busy weeknight dinner. 

Savory, rich, bold flavors that are easy to love and even easier to make! This easy vegan jambalaya is loaded with cajun flavor!

Spicy, savory, goodness, with pops of pineapple! This spicy pineapple fried rice is phenomenal and easy enough to whip up during a weeknight.

Take out from home! This delicious savory classic is quick and easy to make. This is perfect for a weeknight meal because it's quick and easy.

Floral, sweet, and super rich in flavor! This dumpling masaman curry dumpling soup is a treat. Perfect for a weeknight dinner.

These hispanic style spaghettis are so delicious! They are creamy, easy to make and easily become a family favorite.

Summer is here and its time for a delicious, creamy cucumber Chilled soup. This soup eats very much like a gazpacho. Creamy and delicious!

Delicious, hardy, bold, and packed with flavor! That’s how I would describe this delicious black bean sweet potato burger.