Taco Tuesday, who? Who needs taco Tuesday when you can have these delicious tofu breakfast tacos, any day of the week.

Overnight oats are the perfect quick breakfast, pre workout meal, and for everything in between. It's easy, healthy and taste like dessert.

Fluffy easy vegan pumpkin pancakes that are great for those cozy fall mornings, or any morning in the year. No judgement here!

Pineapple upside down pancakes, because you should be able to have pineapple upside down cake anytime!

Savory vegan pancakes sound a bit odd, I can admit but don't let that fool you. These pancakes are the prefect breakfast or brunch.

This vegan French toast is so quick And easy to make! It's delicious and the breakfast breakfast or brunch dish. Just 2 main ingredient!

Creamy, thick, delicious and very simple. This vegan cream cheese recipe is easy and affordable to make! So much easier then you think!

Easy vegan sausage recipe that you can customize however you like. With any flavor you prefer or keep the recipe simple and delicious!

Delicious easy vegan pancakes, that you can be customized with blueberries, chocolate chips or anything you would like to add to spruce it up