Bold, sweet, spicy, goodness wrapped in a corn tortilla package! These enchiladas are super easy to make and taste amazing.

Get the full Caribbean feel, with just one bite of this bold deliciously flavorful dish! This Caribbean Style Artichoke Dish is super savory!

Garlicky, savory, mashed plantains, mofongo. This Puerto Rican classic dish, is the mashed potatoes of the island. Deliciously Caribbean!

Quick and easy, tasty beans, that perfect for a weeknight dinner, or a quick lunch. This recipe pairs great with some white rice.

This recipe for vegan chorizo is so flavorful, and perfect! It has all of the delicious flavors of chorizo but its plant based.

These vegan pork chops are so delicious, meaty and savory! No need to miss out on delicious dishes because you cut out or cut back on meats.

These hispanic style spaghettis are so delicious! They are creamy, easy to make and easily become a family favorite.

First off, this is a typical Puerto Rican dessert also known as, tembleque. Which quite literally translates to “shaky”. Perfect name because it is shaky like jello.

These vegan tamales are so flavorful and delicious! WOW, they have every authentic flavor you can expect in tamales.

Toasty, bold, and bursting with delicious flavor! This vegan paella recipe is so delicious you won't need anything on the side.

Fluffy, savory, and loaded with flavor! This delicious yellow rice is easy to make and will become a staple in your home.

If you need a delicious Puerto Rican style Sofrito recipe you have come to the right place! This sofrito is easy and taste so delicious!

These vegan potato croquettes are stuffed with plant based ground meat and as incredible. This can easily become a staple in anyones home!

Delicious vegan guava puff pastries, these are easy to make and so amazing. Eating these is like eating a guava cloud that just melts away!