Incredibly, creamy and so hard to resist. Then again why would you even try to resist and dish this delicious vegan chicken alfredo?

Perfectly sweet, tender, melts in your mouth deliciousness. That is what this vegan poundcake is. Eat it on it's own, or with a cup of coffee

Pineapple upside down pancakes, because you should be able to have pineapple upside down cake anytime!

Fresh, bright, fruity and delicious! This is the perfect spring & summer salad.

This chickpea vegan omelette is easier than you think! These chickpea vegan omelettes are delicious, and the perfect way to use up leftovers.

Fluffy easy tasty little clouds. That's what these easy vegan blueberry pancakes are! Your place will smell amazing while cooking these!

Savory vegan pancakes sound a bit odd, I can admit but don't let that fool you. These pancakes are the prefect breakfast or brunch.

This vegan crab dip is creamy, bold, and fantastic. It really taste like crab dip and you will love it.

Summer is here and its time for a delicious, creamy cucumber Chilled soup. This soup eats very much like a gazpacho. Creamy and delicious!

This easy vegan gazpacho soup is perfect for a hot summer day, and you just want something delicious, without having be in the kitchen long.

Tasty little finger foods are the best! These creamy little deviled potatoes are perfect served as appetizers, or as a snack.

These Vegan calamari/fried shrimp are seasoned perfectly to taste like fried calamari and shrimp. They’re also crunchy and delicious.

Toasty, bold, and bursting with delicious flavor! This vegan paella recipe is so delicious you won't need anything on the side.

This vegan cheesecake recipe with curb any cheesecake craving! It's cream, cheesy and delicious. Just like taking a bite of nostalgia!

These vegan crab cakes are delicious and easy to make. Perfect for vegans, people who are allergic to seafood, and even omnivores.

This easy vegan quiche recipe is so delicious! It can be customize super easy and is perfect for breakfast and brunch.

Delicious easy vegan pancakes, that you can be customized with blueberries, chocolate chips or anything you would like to add to spruce it up

Delicious vegan guava puff pastries, these are easy to make and so amazing. Eating these is like eating a guava cloud that just melts away!