How To Start A Food Blog

So, you love to cook,  you love food blogs and you have thought about starting your own blog in more than one occasion. Am I right so far? You love to share your recipes with others and people are always telling you how delicious your food is!

What is stopping you from getting started? It only takes 20 minutes to get started!

Don’t wait for tomorrow or next Monday, start your food blog today!

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

Step 1: Pick a Domain Name & Host

Step 2: Download WordPress

Step 3: Pick a Theme To Make it Pretty

1. Domain Name & Host

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is you website/blog URL, mine is

You may have some ideas of what you want to call your food blog by now. Time to head to Bluehost and enter your domain name, in the “new domain” box.

Once you choose your domain name you will be prompted to pick your plan. I recommended getting the Basic Plan, which is paid in full and saves you a lot of money compared to getting the monthly plan. Also, it’s less to remember because you’ll be set for 36 months.

What is hosting?

Hosting for your domain name is like renting a space to keep your blog on the web. Luckily, Bluehost has great rates for hosting and your domain name is included for free!

Once you have chosen your plan you, will fill out your account and package information. Other than the 36 month Basic Plan, I recommend you add on the Domain Privacy Protection. This keeps your personal information, like phone number and address private to the public.

2. Install WordPress

After you have purchased your Bluehost plan, you will need to set up a Bluehost account and password.

Once that is done, follow the prompts and WordPress will automatically install onto your website. WordPress is a website/blogging software that is very easy to use and is used widely by most of the internet. is run on WordPress.

3. Pick A Theme & Make It Pretty

Once the installation is complete click the blue “WordPress” button to log into the administrator area of your blog.

Here is where you can customize and create post for your blog. To choose a theme you click on the appearance tab on the left and then on the themes tab. You can select any theme you like there.

The Theme I Use

I highly recommend the Pixwell Magazine Theme, which is the theme we use for Veggie Rose. It’s very affordable, comes with 13 different theme layouts to choose from, has 6 months of support, and is very fast. Last thing you want is a slow theme.

Now that you have your own domain name, host, and pretty theme. Happy Blogging!