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Cranberry Cider Mimosas

These cranberry cider mimosas are so refreshing and perfect for a light fall drink. You can swap out the hard cider for any non alcoholic sparkling cider, if you wish to make this a tasty non alcoholic drink.

I’m not a bartender.

But I’m REALLY good at making drinks😉

This is a very light and refreshing drink, much like a wine cooler. I can just picture myself having this on a nice crisp fall day outside on the balcony. While wearing a sweater, reading a book, and the leaves tumble gently onto the ground. Then I remember that I moved to florida, so all of that is out of the question. I’ll just sip this at the beach instead 😆

Two Ingredientes

Cranberry Juice: Make sure to use a good cranberry juice brand. If you use a cranberry juice that is to light, you will wind up with a watery drink, and this drink is light enough. We don't want it to be watery.

Hard Cider: You can use your favorite sprakling hard cider, as long as you enjoy it on it’s own, it will mix well in your drink.

Other Options

You can make your drink non alcoholic if you wish, or you can make it stronger. Whatever floats you boat, I am not here to judge!

Non alcoholic: In order to make this tasty refreshing drink non alcoholic all you have to do is. Swap out the hard cider for a non alcoholic sparkling apple cider.

Make it Stronger: How bold you go here is all up to you, but you can add a splash of vodka or rum. What it a splash, you say? I think everyone knows what their individual splash would look like, lol! Again, not here to judge.

Pomegranate: If you are not a fan of cranberry juice you can use pomegranate juice instead for a bit of a different taste, but still delicious!

Making the Cranberry Cider Mimosas

This is a very easy simple recipe.

Pour it in: Pour cider into a glass. Ps. Everything taste better out of a chilled glass. :hint, hint:

Splash it: Add in a splash of the cranberry juice or follow the recipe measurements for optimal results.

Add-in: Here is where you can add the extra splash of vodka or rum if you choose.

Swirl: Swirl it around and enjoy!

Extra Fancy

If you want to get extra fancy, you can lime sugar coat the rim of the glass, by rubbing a cut lime wedge around the edge of the glass rim. Than dip the glass rim into some fine sugar. You can use specific drink sugar or regular sugar, but fine drink sugar will stick better.

Cranberry Cider Mimosa


5 ounces Hard Cider

2 ounces Cranberry Juice


Pour hard cider into a glass, followed by cranberry juice. Stir gently to combine and ENJOY!

If adding any extra splashes of vodka or rum, you can do that now.

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