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Hi, my name is Rose, and Veggie Rose is my plant based food site/blog. I am the recipe developer and food photographer. Each month we get, hundreds of thousands of visitors across all of our platforms, including our website, YouTube channel and Instagram. Where we share lots of delicious, beautiful recipes.

The readers and viewers are like family to us. We call them the veggiefam. Our main company values are authenticity, quality, and trust.

We love to work with brands who share in those values because it resinates more with our veggiefam community and feels like a recommendation from family.


  • Blog Post

We can develop a recipe specifically for your brand or use one of your own brand recipes for a sponsored blog post. A blog post is long lasting and lets a brand shine the best, with beautiful high quality images, brand information, and full printable recipe.

  • Youtube Video

We will add your product to one of our recipe videos as a product mention. The mention always happens in the first minute of the video and all the key selling points are stated first. The product is then shown and used during the recipe making. A strong call to action is also included in the form of a link in the video description.

  • Instagram Video

A beautiful instagram video will be created with a quick step by step recipe, showcasing your product. A link in profile to the url of your choice will also be created, as a companion to the video post.

  • Instagram Stories

Instagram story brand videos are great for a quick relaxed, more down to earth feel. These have a nice real feel. There will also be a swipe up link to the url of your choice, included directly on the story post.




Want to get in contact and discuss brand sponsorship possibilities?